Fresh Wholesale Flowers in Kitchener

Whether you’re a seasoned florist, independent retailer, or a meticulous wedding or event planner, our curated selection is crafted to elevate your designs. From vibrant bouquets to lush arrangements, our diverse inventory caters to every occasion and vision.


At Floral Express, we understand the value of affordability. With our competitive, all-inclusive pricing, you not only indulge in superior quality but also unlock substantial savings on all your floral business purchases. 

White Rose and Pink Daisy
With us, you can expect: 
Streamlined online ordering for swift and hassle-free transactions
All-inclusive pricing coupled with unparalleled customer service
Swift express delivery, ensuring your order arrives directly at your doorstep
Cutting-edge innovation to streamline and enhance your floral business
Over four decades of industry expertise to cater to your distinct requirements
Captivating images spotlighting the diverse range and superior quality of our wholesale floral offerings

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Wholesale Offerings from Floral Express

Whether you’re a wholesale reseller, a boutique flower shop, event planner, independent retailer, or local farmers’ market we have you covered. Our wide-range of high quality local and imported floral products and accessories appeal to anyone looking to elevate their business with top-tier offerings. 

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who include:

Retail Flower Shops
Independent Retailers
Wedding & Event Planners
Grocery Stores
Local Farm Markets
Garden Center Greenhouses

About Floral Express 

With a heritage spanning over 45 years, Floral Express traces its origins to the visionary spirit of Wim Overbeek, who established the foundation of our floral and plant businesses. Emigrating from Holland in 1971, Wim brought with him the quintessential Dutch values of faith, family, and hard work, coupled with a penchant for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Embracing a forward-looking approach, we prioritize assembling a team of seasoned professionals and integrating cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled service and pricing. From our advanced online ordering system to personalized guidance throughout your journey, we are committed to exceeding expectations for every customer, old and new.


Wild Plants & Flowers
Wild Plants & Flowers
We love using Floral Express, their app/customer service cannot be beat. Twice weekly delivery makes sure we can get our customers needs met in a timely manner. Our sales rep Marjorie is absolutely fantastic, always going the extra mile to guide us in our first year of business. Her extensive flower knowledge has been outstanding. Thanks guys!
Best selection of flowers and veggie/fruit plants! Excellent service too!
Lily on the Thames - DIY Wedding Flowers
Lily on the Thames - DIY Wedding Flowers
In a crazy time of always having to tell people they’re products are shorted, and tough conversations happening frequently my sales rep always comes to me with a solutions before problems and helps me find what I need. Sometimes even better than my original order! She’s always SO organized, quick to communicate, lovely to speak with, professional and kind. I’m so grateful she’s in my corner, and she’s always fighting for me to get the most wonderful flowers for my brides. Again, thank you for all your help! And please pass a virtual high five to my wonderful sales rep for all her hard work!!! I appreciate her so much!
Rick Vienneau
Rick Vienneau
Floral Express is one of our main flower suppliers. We have been working with them since we opened 5 years ago. Always very professionals and always have the best product. I've dealt with other wholesalers who keep product week over week so you are not always getting the freshest product. Floral Express doesn't do that. All their flowers are fresh and they do not sell me product from last week. Highly recommend!!
Kathryn Curtis
Kathryn Curtis
I've been a customer of Floral Express for many years and always had good service. They are always happy and friendly and do their best to accommodate my requests. My current rep I work with has often gone beyond expectations to help us when we need.
Sara Mcfadzean
Sara Mcfadzean
Floral Express has been wonderful to work with. Everyone is lovely and always friendly. Product is beautiful and fresh. Thanks to all for your hard work and dedication! Really appreciate your time and care in making things possible for my business. Many blessings to all, Sincerely, Sara from Folklore Florals in Elora
Kelsey Knoop
Kelsey Knoop
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Marjorie from Sales and she has been nothing but a sweetheart to my company. She always tries her best to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and goes above and beyond. She even placed a order for me while I was there and was filled in minutes because I was a bone head and forgot a large portion of items. This was no problem for my girl Marjorie! This woman needs a raise! 💕
Marie Darconza
Marie Darconza
Highly recommend. Second time dealing floral express for an event, customer service was amazing! Very friendly, personable and offered great suggestions for decor. Flowers were fresh and absolutely flawless. 10/10 would highly recommend.
Danish Gambhir
Danish Gambhir
Nice people 👍🏻

Why Choose Floral Express for Wholesale Flowers in Kitchener?

Experience unparalleled efficiency and seamless service through our refined order-to-delivery system, tailored to exceed your expectations. 

We offer:

Competitive Pricing: As a wholesale distributor of flowers and plants, we provide all-inclusive, competitive pricing structures, catering to both local and global markets.
Field-Fresh Delivery: Directly sourced from our trusted growers, we provide an array of fresh, premium flowers and plants, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep.
Unbeatable Expertise: By harnessing the expertise of our professional team, and state-of-the-art technology, we optimize and accelerate the order and delivery process, ensuring your utmost convenience.

Commitment to Quality Delivery & Logistics 

Our established order-to-delivery process is streamlined to offer you an unbeatable experience:

We offer a comprehensive variety of delivery options for wholesale orders, encompassing wide coverage areas and market-leading, all-inclusive pricing. No surprises!
We offer insights into the logistics partners and shipping carriers integral to our transportation network.
Rest assured, we have stringent protocols governing the storage and handling of your wholesale floral delivery, all designed to safeguard product quality and freshness.


Contact us for Wholesale Flowers in Kitchener! 

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