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Looking for a career opportunity in a unique, growing company that truly understands, and embodies, work/life balance?

Come join us in our established, privately-owned, rapidly expanding, wholesale flower business!


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Floral Express is a leading North American floral wholesaler recognized for delivering a broad selection of the highest quality products from around the world at competitive and inclusive pricing. We leverage a unique combination of generations of industry knowledge, cutting edge technology and exemplary service to provide our customers (and employees) with an experience that is second to none.

We are international in scope, established and successful. Our success comes from hard work, integrity, and holding true to our company values. Ongoing demand from our wide range of customers has led to the design of our successful technology and people driven, sales and supply chain system. This enables us to deliver the freshest products possible!

However, there is still much work to do and unlimited room to GROW!

We are committed to making Floral Express a great place to work, through the best management practices, competitive compensation, a hybrid work model, and an excellent company culture that encompasses employee wellness and wellbeing.

At floral express


We value our people and our reputation.


We are dedicated to ensuring fair prices with local and international clients and growers.


We are future focused and constantly strive towards out-of-the-box thinking.


We support and encourage employee wellness and well-being.


We foster interdepartmental collaboration in all that we do.


We have an empowering culture that facilitates growth and accountability.

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Set aside 5-10 uninterrupted minutes for completion, although you have unlimited time to complete the assessment once it is started. This assessment does not measure intelligence, education or experience. It simply measures work and communication needs.

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