Even if you’re simply giving flowers as a gift to a loved one, or you own your own flower shop, adding a little extra to the bouquets you provide can certainly go a long way. Not only can it impress customers and those at your events but it also makes an extremely thoughtful personal gift. From scented candles to perfumes, adding a complimentary product that’s well-paired with your floral arrangements creates something truly unique.

A Guide for Buying Floral-Infused Gifts to Pair with Your Bouquets

That’s why the team of floral experts from Floral Express has collected a helpful guide here to some of the best floral-infused gifts to include with your offerings.

Rose Water Spray 

To create an air of luxury and elegance, rose water spray offers the perfect, subtle complement to any flower bouquet. You can also purchase 100% natural skin toner and other products for hair and aromatherapy to complement your floral offerings. Not only do rose water products tighten your pores and balance your skin’s pH levels but also soothe skin irritations.

Aromatic Candles 

Another great complement to the aroma of your bouquets is floral candles. There are a wide variety of scents out there that will complement your floral arrangements and increase the ambiance of the room where they’re installed. Some of the most notable choices include lemongrass, floral musk, honeysuckle, and more.

Flower Color Guides 

For those who have loved ones or customers interested in interior design and want to invest in floral arrangements that complement their interior or exterior decorating scheme, a floral color guidebook makes a great gift.

Perfume & Colognes 

Perfume and cologne can be a great floral-infused addition to any bouquet or arrangement. There are many different choices for both men and women that offer everything from subtle aromas to more prevalent ones. For women, Bvlgari Rose Goldea elicits a scent that’s subtle, refined, and sophisticated, and Calvin Klein’s Euphoria is made with floral scents like sandalwood, patchouli, lily, and marigold. For men, one of today’s leading floral-infused colognes is Diptyque Vetyverio, a more woody fragrance with subtle floral scents like orange blossom, coconut, white musk, and more. Another great choice is Versace Eros, a more masculine cologne that contains hints of tonka bean, cedar, sage, and fir.

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