When it comes to caring for indoor plants, there are some important things that separate them from outdoor plants. That’s why the bulk plant sales experts from Floral Express have compiled some key considerations for you here to help your indoor plants remain healthy and thriving. 

7 Ways to Help Your Indoor Plants Stay Healthy and Thrive

Investing in Quality Soil 

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your indoor plants healthy is to provide them with soil rich in nutrients. That’s why planting with quality soil is crucial. Soil with organic ingredients that are rich in compost will not only enable your indoor plants to grow more quickly but also last for much longer.

Know What Your Plants Need 

To have healthy, vibrant indoor plants, you need to know precisely what they need to keep them flourishing. This means ensuring your plants are provided with the right nutrients and you maintain the proper watering schedule for each specific plant type. How much light they receive is also important, so be sure to know the lighting requirements of your indoor plant varieties.

Fertilize the Soil 

In addition to adhering to the proper watering schedule and giving your plants the right amount of sunlight, you can also fertilize the soil of your indoor plants to boost their growth. Not only will it deliver vital nutrients to your plants, but it will also help the soil retain water better.

Provide Regular Maintenance 

To enable proper growth and catch any issues before they grow out of control, regularly inspecting and pruning your indoor plants is essential. This means inspecting to soil to make certain your plants are receiving the proper amount of water, as well as removing dead leaves, and inspecting them for signs of rot, disease, or insect infestation.

Minimize Heat Exposure 

It’s never a good idea to place indoor plants close to a heat source, as they’ll dry out more quickly and it causes dehydration and wilting. That’s why it’s important to always place indoor plants well away from any heating vents, ducts, or other fixtures that expel excessive heat.

Ensure Proper Drainage 

Checking your indoor plants’ drainage holes is important so you can be sure they’re large enough for water to easily drain through. However, it’s important to note that drainage holes that are too large can cause root damage. Also, check to make certain that your plants aren’t sitting in standing water.

Don’t Move Your Plants 

Once you’ve installed your indoor plants in a particular place and they are growing well, it’s important to keep them in the same spot, as moving them can damage their roots, stems, and leaves. You also risk drastically changing the amount of sunlight they’re accustomed to receiving.

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