When it comes to buying flowers, whether it’s for a wedding or your business, it always pays in the long run to buy flowers in bulk. If you’re looking for reliable products, great customer service, and a wide variety of plants or flowers to choose from, purchasing wholesale flowers from reputable providers like Floral Express can make the process painless.

Top Reasons to Buy Flowers in Bulk

Here are some of the top benefits of purchasing flowers in bulk.

Consistency & Reliability 

One of the leading reasons to buy flowers in bulk is that you can rely on a high-quality, consistent product every time. A leading wholesale plant and flower provider will be extremely dependable and trustworthy. They stand behind their work and the products they sell.

Knowledge & Expertise 

Buying flowers in bulk provides you with a partner who will have decades of experience in the industry and expertise in sourcing plants and flowers from the most trusted growers. Not only can they offer invaluable advice for individual purchasing situations but also provide key insight into the care of the flowers you’re buying.

High-Quality Products & A Professional Credit Process 

There’s a common misconception that purchasing flowers in bulk will inevitably lead to a part of them arriving damaged or wilted due to the quantity, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, when you buy flowers in bulk from a reputable wholesaler, they’re much more likely to arrive quickly, fresh, and in great condition.

Ease & Convenience 

Another attractive aspect of ordering bulk flowers is that it’s easy and incredibly convenient. For those planning for events or weddings, buying in bulk can make your decision much easier. Additionally, those purchasing flowers in bulk for their business will benefit from quick delivery and quality customer service.

A Multitude of Choices

Wholesale plant and flower sellers often stock a wide variety of different products, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Most traditional flower retailers will only carry offerings that are popular, in-season, and mainstream. However, with a wholesaler’s wide range of products you can give your flower choices an air of originality and also make it extremely convenient to find rare varieties and plants and flowers that are out of season.

Long-Term Relationships 

Building a trusted relationship with your wholesale flower supplier can lead to decades of a partnership that sets you up for success. Whether you own your own flower boutique or run a wedding planning business, working with a reliable wholesaler when you buy flowers in bulk can be vital.

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With a history of excellence and experience dating back more than 45 years, Floral Express has been providing only the highest quality bulk plants and flowers . To buy flowers in bulk online or learn about our other offerings contact us today to place an order or call (866) 424-9689.

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